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A NoaFX trading account gives you the benefits and trading advantages that you are looking for, and the assistance and flexibility that you need to make successful trades. There are 4 different types of NoaFX trading accounts that you can pick from, and each may have different advantages. There is a trading account at NoaFX that is right for your trading style and preferred system, and you can choose from the following NoaFX trading account options:


Any of these NoaFX trading accounts can help you find the most competitive spreads, the fastest execution, and the education and training that you want to help you make more successful trades. Compare the various account types at NoaFX and then decide whether you want to try us out with a demo account, you are ready to go live, or if you are looking for a joint account or you are a corporation which wants to trade. No matter what your trading goals are, there are NoaFX account types that fit perfectly. Give NoaFX a try today and see what a difference we can make with your trading results.

Ultra Accounts

An Ultra account is for traders who want to transit from a Demo to a Live trading account with a minimum deposit and minimum risk.

U – Unparalleled environment With super tight spreads and execution, this is the best account type for retail traders
L – Latency 95% order clearance in less than 10ms, Super fast execution!
T –Tight spreads we mean, super tight!
R –Requotes? None!
A –Automated Trading, Hedging, Mobile trading friendly!
NoaFX Ultra Accounts For
  • Pure FX traders,
  • New or seasoned with specific systems,
  • Looking for tight spreads
  • High Leverage
  • Smaller Capital Outlay (Up to USD 5,000 only)

Professional Accounts

NoaFX Professional Accounts For
  • Multi-instrument traders – Trade FX, Metals, Energy, CFDs and more!
  • Any trading system, any trading style
  • Open to variable spreads, true market environments
  • Bank & Institutional liquidity – Clearance with over 70 different LPs
  • No Maximum Capital restriction. All Amounts welcome.

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+ Scalping trades are defined as trades which;

  • have a holding period of less than 4 minutes and/or
  • have Take Profit levels of less than 3 pips.

Binary Options

What is Binary Options?

The word "Binary" means two. A Binary Option is a form of an Options contract that takes a YES or a NO position on the price of a financial asset and have only two possible pay-offs, ALL or NOTHING. They are therefore called as "Binary" for this very reason.

Binary Options offer a very simple and direct way of trading on the various instruments, where the payoff is a fixed amount and so is the loss.

For a detailed overview on Binary Options please Click here.

Binary Options is for
  • All categories of Forex traders regardless of whether they are beginners or professionals
  • Those with the intention of making quick profits
  • Traders looking out for a fixed risk
  • Minimum capital and maximum leverage
  • Hedging Forex trades
  • Trading systems that are spread sensitive