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NoaFX has spent millions to ensure that the fastest and most effective trading technology is available to our clients. Even a delay of just a fraction of a second in execution could add up to an enormous amount over time because the trader may not get the preferred fill price. We understand that quick execution is the key to retaining your business and execution speed is a top priority at NoaFX.

Conventional Trading Technology

Conventional trading technology means that your order will be executed and cleared using outside liquidity providers, and this happens on a sequential basis. This clearance usually takes less than a second because of modern servers and high speed communication. A confirmation is received when your order is accepted.

If there are no liquidity providers who can fill your order at the preferred price then a no fill message will be sent to the broker, and you will get a requote message to determine if you want the order filled at the next available price. This is a simplification used to help you understand the process.

The NoaFX Technology

The clearance engine used by NoaFX has been developed differently, instead of using the same old concepts and technology. The implementation of order book open-aggregation, the use of price control factors from a number of organizations and traders, and trade execution that involves milliseconds in most cases, are just a few of the ways that the NoaFX technology is superior.

The NoaFX's order clearance engine offers scalability and a robustness that is different from the traditional brokerages. When you request an order an immediate match is found and the order is filled. Within milliseconds our clearance engine will determine whether a partial fill, cluster fill, or traditional fill is used based on availability, the size of your order, and other factors.

The Difference With NoaFX

At NoaFX the goal is no requotes, and while we may not manage this with every single trade the change of a requote is very small. The clearance engine dexterity and superiority helps to eliminate the need for a requote in most trades because the engine fills orders on a parallel so there is typically more than just a single match for the order that you place.

The Business Model Used by NoaFX

NoaFX operates more like a liquidity aggregator instead of a clearance provider, and this helps us to clear more orders and achieve greater liquidity. Our main service is clearing client orders as effectively and competitively as we can. We are not interested in trading against orders placed by clients or engaging in market condition manipulation in order to profit from client losses.

Trading Benefits Available With NoaFX Clearance Technology

  • Market price transparency
  • Institutional prices that are very competitive
  • Fast order execution and clearance
  • Order aggregation and liquidity on multiple levels
  • Order match based on market depth and parallel conditions
  • Match your orders without broker intervention