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A NoaFX joint account offers all of the same great tools and resources for traders, but the account is jointly owned and managed. This is an account that is shared between individuals, and it can be between two people only or additional account holders can also be involved. The NoaFX joint account is the perfect solution for spouses who both trade, or for other close relatives. Business partners may also choose to open up a joint account instead of each partner having a separate NoaFX individual account. Anyone who is named on the account can access funds, make trading decisions, and initiate transactions.

When you open a NoaFX joint account you have the same benefits as other accounts with us. You get the same fast clearance engine and the superior standards that we insist on, with the lowest rates and convenient transactions. You should only open a NoaFX joint account with individuals that you trust though, because anyone that is named can access the account funds and make account decisions. NoaFX makes it easy for partners and relatives to trade using a single account, pooling resources and making trades as each individual sees fit. Sign up for a NoaFX joint account today and find out just how exciting trading can be when you share an account.

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