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Stand to gain by leveraging on the NoaFX Edge. The entire company is run around a different business model. Our primary objective is to handle our internal clearance of orders from our fund managers.

In other words, our bottom line is driven by our own fund's performance and the various fund houses we provide clearing services for.

As such, we have no interests in a market maker's dealing desk model, as we cannot afford to take the other side of our clients' trades, who are mostly fund managers, and naturally profitable.

Therefore, we DO NOT:

  • Manipulate spreads or price behaviour to make clients' trades unprofitable
  • Force unnatural realization of clients' stop loss/take profit orders
  • Mark up spreads from liquidity providers to make profits
  • Requote or slip clients' orders unreasonably to give clients a fill against their interests.

By understanding and using this to your advantage, stand to gain from an institutional, pure STP(Straight Through Processing) trading environment. Join traders around the world who have leveraged off this transparent, fair play environment where if one can trade, they CAN be profitable.