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NoaFX Money Manager

Money managers prefer NoaFX for several reasons. As a money manager, you will be able to manage various client accounts and use different order allocation methods, trade any number of accounts using the same amount of effort and time, track your commissions, order volumes and other metrics, and take advantage of the complete transparency that NoaFX offers to all clients.

Overview Of NoaFX MAMM Account

Our comprehensive account management tool provides you with convenient asset management under the NoaFX Multi Account Money Manager account or MAMM account. A NoaFX MAMM account allows investors to make money on the Forex market without any trading, and it gives money managers the opportunity to earn additional income while they manage client funds.

How Does A NoaFX MAMM Account Work?

  • When you open a NoaFX MAMM account, you will design a set of proposals which the investors should meet and follow for this account. The proposal also includes the profit percentage that is paid to you as compensation for managing the account.
  • Once the investors join your MAMM account and fund their accounts, you can start trading on your account using the investors’ respective funds.
  • The profit or loss encountered during trading is divided between you and your investor. The percentage that gets generated depends on the specific share held in each account.

NoaFX MAMM Account Partners

You can recruit partners to expand your MAMM Account. There are two partner types which you can choose from:

  • Auxiliary Partners : These partners do not usually bring in new clients but they help with other account management tasks. Auxiliary partners may help with advertising, analysis, marketing, and other necessary activities. These partners are paid a percentage of the compensation that you receive as the money manager.
  • Acquisition Partners : These partners bring in new clients, and they are paid with a percentage of the compensation that you receive as the money manager for the client who was referred by the partner.

Reasons Why Money Managers Join NoaFX

There are many reasons why money managers join NoaFX. But one such feature that makes NoaFX MAMM Account stand out from all other accounts is client solicitation. Once you have a proven track record as a money manager, then NoaFX will refer your services to our clients who are in need of a money manager. This typically requires 3-6 months of trading with NoaFX. This allows you to grow along with NoaFX and both parties can achieve success together.

Some of the other benefits include:

  • Providing innovative technology which is superior in the trading industry.
  • Giving the clients transparency, reliability and flexibility by offering a highly scalable platform.
  • Ensuring fund safety and security with regular audits and segregation of funds.
  • Offering a lucrative business opportunity for the money managers worldwide.

Important NoaFX MAMM Account Notices:

  • NoaFX has no involvement in the account management or trading activities associated with MAMM accounts. We simply offer this as a service to investors and money managers.
  • A NoaFX MAMM account’s past returns should not be viewed as a guarantee of future account performance or profits.
  • NoaFX cannot be held liable for any investment decisions made on a MAMM account.
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