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One of the most significant characteristics of trading binary options is money management. The entire trading process depends on a win or a loss. MAMM account for Binary options gives the money managers an opportunity to earn additional income. They perform trading operations while the investors make money on the BO market. The MAMM account helps the money managers to trade multiple BO accounts belonging to their clients. All that they need to do is to place trade on their master account and these trades will get copied to all their client accounts.

The minimum deposit amount for opening a MAMM account would be $1000 for three clients. This means that the money manager should bring in atleast 3 clients and the 3 clients should have deposited a minimum of $1000, in total, with NoaFX for the money manager to be assigned a MAMM account.

Functioning of a MAMM Account Includes
  • Money managers designing a set of proposals for the investors. This proposal includes the profit percentage that is paid as compensation to the managers for looking after the account.
  • Investors joining the MAMM account and funding their accounts after which the money managers start performing trading operations using the investors’ funds.
  • Charging the client with the percentage of the profit that gets generated as a specific share held in each account.

The overall goal of binary options would be to minimize the risk while maximizing client’s funds. Hence, with binary options, trading becomes more exciting where money can be made by both the money managers and also the investors.

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