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The NoaFX iPhone Trader

The NoaFX iphone Trader also uses MetaTrader4, in a version specifically designed to work with the iPhone technology. This makes Forex trading on the go almost effortless, all you need is your mobile iPhone and the MT4 platform for this device. There is never any charge to NoaFX members who want to use this version, and it offers all of the benefits of the MT4 technology along with convenience and on the go flexibility.

With the NoaFX iphone Trader you get a version that is very user friendly and that is easy for you to utilize, while allowing for the importation of custom indicators. You have access to charting and scripting tools that offer state of the art advantages, and you can benefit from trade automation with the use of Expert Advisors. To learn how to download this platform log into your NoaFX member area. You will find downloading and installing instructions for your specific account. You are frequently on the go, don't let this limit your trading activities and account connections.


How to download and login (iPhone / iPad)

At NoaFX, we have a variety of ways that you can keep tabs on your open trades and even open positions when away from your MT4 PC platform. One of the easiest ways is to install a version of the platform onto your iphone or ipad device.

Step 1:

Please launch the AppStore application on your iPhone or iPad


Step 2:

Please type "MetaTrader 4" in the search line and choose "MetaTrader 4 Meta Quotes Software Corp." from the search results.


Step 3:

Now, you can install Metatrader4 onto your device. Please select install and enter your apple ID password when prompted.


Step 4:

Once the MT4 application has been installed , it will appear in your apps list once fully installed. Please leave the app store and launch the Metatrader 4 application..


Step 5:

Once the MT4 application has been launched, you will be asked to either login with an existing account or to create a new demo account. In this instance, we will be logging in with a live account that has already been created. Please select login with existing account as displayed below:


Step 6:

Now, you will have to use the search tool. Kindly type in NoaFX into this area


Step 7:

Please mention your login details and start trading with NoaFX!