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NoaFX Leverage Options

At NoaFX traders have a wide range of leverage options so that you can control your risk exposure. All of the NoaFX accounts are set at the default leverage setting of 1:100. The maximum leverage available for NoaFX traders is 1:500 when requested by the member. The various leverage settings that are available at NoaFX are:

Leverage Actual Margin Used Description
1:1 100% No Leverage
1:30 3.33%  
1:50 2%  
1:100 1% Default Leverage for new accounts
1:200 0.5% Most popular leverage setting
1:300 0.33% Subject to approval
1:400 0.25% Subject to approval
1:500 0.2% Subject to approval

NoaFX Leverage FAQs

Which NoaFX leverage setting should I pick?

All new NoaFX accounts start out with a default 1:100 setting. This is the recommended leverage setting if you are not completely sure what leverage will meet your trading system needs.

More leverage means lower cost, so why shouldn't I just pick the highest leverage amount?

Over leveraging has risks involved so effective risk management is crucial. A higher leverage is more affordable but if your account balance can not handle the positions that you take then you could risk a margin call, and possibly high losses. Make sure you understand all of the risks involved with over leveraging in order to manage your risks.

Can I start with one leverage amount and then change it later on?

Of course! When you are ready to change the leverage setting of your account make sure you do not have any open positions, and then send a request to [email protected] We will change the leverage setting on your account on the same business day.