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IB Program

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An Introducing Broker, or an IB, is someone who refers clients to NoaFX. It is a widespread model that is solely based on trading volumes of IB's referral network. As long as these clients trade, the IB receives commissions from NoaFX, benefiting both the broker and the IB. Thus these commissions earned can provide a secondary income or passive earnings to an IB as long as the referred clients continue to trade with NoaFX.

NoaFX offers Introducing Brokers:
  • Secured & regulated transactions
  • Flexible commissions with highest payout- ratios
  • Superior technology
  • A lucrative business opportunity
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • High conversion rate
  • Unbiased trading conditions & spreads
  • Sponsorship in marketing events and ad campaigns
  • Robust team that handles compliance requirements, customer service, technical support & brokerage services
  • Network building
Types of IB Accounts

NoaFX offers an accounting structure that meets the specific needs of individuals, institutions, and professionals. Having said this, NoaFX, unlike any other Forex broker offers two different types of IB accounts.

NoaFX IB Account

With a NoaFX IB account, the commissions that you could earn are only limited by the number of referrals you make and the trading activity of these referrals. This account is for individuals who want to earn commissions whenever they refer friends to our company, and it is a win-win situation. The referrals get access to all of the NoaFX benefits and advantages and you gain commissions from making referrals and from any trading activity of your referrals.

Sign up for a NoaFX IB Account right away and take the advantage of higher rebates!
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NoaFX Corporate IB Account

A NoaFX corporate IB account is designed for companies and corporations who want the best trading options and platforms, and who want to earn money by referring others. Since we offer very fast clearance, the highest standards, and the lowest rates we are one of the best brokerages around.

NoaFX provides the best chance to make successful trades for individuals and corporations, and a NoaFX IB corporate account can help you and your company grow together. You can be assured that every referral will get the same quick clearance, exceptional customer service, and helpful resources that you have access to.

Sign up today and start earning with a NoaFX corporate IB account!
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Please click here to download NoaFX's IB agreement.