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NoaFX IB Account lets you earn commissions by allowing you to create your own referral network. When your referrals make further referrals of their own, you get commissions from this second level as well. Therefore, the more clients you bring to NoaFX, the higher your commissions would be. The potential is unlimited, and you decide how much you earn with your NoaFX IB account.

Become an IB

The process to become an IB is easy, quick and simple. Just follow these steps and start earning commissions at once!

    1. Open a Partner Account at NoaFX

    2. Once you have successfully opened a Partner Account, you will receive your referal URL under the IB Area
               section of your Personal Account.

    Your referral link looks like this:

    3. Congratulations! You are now an IB.

Track your Clients

Once you become an IB, you will be given access to your personal IB account where you can track your clients and business with utmost ease.

Earn Commissions

When you join as a partner with NoaFX, you start earning rebates by referring clients that includes individuals and companies via a multi level commission structure. Hence for every referral that opens a trading account with NoaFX, you earn a commission. What more, you receive commissions on multiple tiers, so you benefit when someone you refer directs their friends and clients to us as well. And each time your client performs a trade, you get a certain fixed amount per lot traded. The amount depends on your IB rank.

Given below is a simple table that describes the commission structure based on the lots traded:

Your IB rank Number of your active clients Commission per lot traded
1 0-4 $5 per lot
2 5-15 $6 per lot
3 16-50 $7 per lot
4 51-100 $8 per lot
5 101 - 200 $9 per lot
6 201 - 500 $10 per lot
7 > 500 $11 per lot
Withdraw Commissions

You can withdraw your commissions anytime you like. At NoaFX, withdrawals are fully secured and quick. All you have to do is simply place a withdrawal request and you are good to receive your commissions.

Bringing Clients

There are a number of ways to multiply referrals and get them open trading accounts with NoaFX. Some of them being:

  • Social platforms: Post your referral link in forums, social networks and blogs. You could actively contribute in forum discussions, Facebook groups, and Twitter.
  • Create your own website: You can also create your own website and promote your referral link in your country.
Sales & Marketing strategies

NoaFX values its IBs and always supports them with exclusive promotional materials and providing them with special offers. You can find your promotional materials under your Personal IB Account.

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