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NoaFIX: One Programming Solution To High-End Trading Needs

In continuation of it's endeavour to provide the best trading conditions to its high-end clients, NoaFX launches its exclusive product, NoaFIX.

NoaFIX will seek to provide high-speed access to some of the best liquidity pools that the Forex market has to offer. NoaFIX which is essentially a FIX API, gives a direct connection to the liquidity pools for those traders who seek high speed trading and demand an uninterrupted access to the liquidity pools.

A Quick Overview

FIX stands for Financial Information Exchange and it is a protocol used in the field of finance for different systems to communicate with each other.

The Point

FIX API is a set of instructions and commands that can be used by the traders to access the FX liquidity pools and enables them to perform different types of high-speed trading.

Target Users

To put it simply, Noa's FIX API is for seasonal and professional traders who have a niche towards programming.

  • Traders with Programming Skills: Professional traders who have experienced programming knowledge of C++, .Net, Java, HTTP, etc are best likely to benefit by setting up a highly configured interface.
  • Scalpers: Forex Scalpers who trade on seconds and for whom every pip-change is money, FIX API could enable them to execute trades faster when compared to any other Forex trading platforms. In this case too, a knowledge in FIX programming is necessary.

Some of the key benefits of using FIX API are:

  • Speed : Provides high-speed connectivity - Without MT4 or other platforms in the middle, you have direct exchange access. Latency is non-existent and speeds are within 5 milliseconds!
  • Deep Pool Liquidity : Access to over 71 different LPs using our aggregation technology. No limit with the possibilities of what your trading systems can achieve.
  • Direct Exchange Connection : Your connections are directly plugged into our NY4 and LD4 Equinix datacenters. You are next to our Tier1 banks and liquidity providers, clearing your orders.
  • OCO Trading : Excellent platform for placing OCO orders which is not possible in many retail trading platforms.
  • Professional Traders : Highly beneficial to professional traders and Forex scalpers.
  • Customisation : Since protocol has to necessarily be written in a coding language, users could customise API to suit their needs.

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Please note that NoaFX does not guide traders on programming FIX protocol. It is upto the traders to have their strategy programmed by themselves. NoaFX only offers a FIX connection to its liquidity pool.