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Account Assistance

Do you accept clients from the USA?

Due to the regulations imposed by the NFA on forex trading in the USA and due to the fact that we are registered and licensed outside the USA, we are not in a position to accept clients from the USA.

What do I do if I am in the middle of an order transaction and I cannot continue due to connectivity or other technical difficulties?

You can reach us via live chat for urgent communication. Alternatively, you can open a support ticket and choose priority as "High" or "Urgent" to reach us almost instantaneously. We respond to all email queries within 30 minutes so having your ticket in the high priority queue will surely enable us to see to it faster.

What should I do if I forgot my Client area Password?

If you have forgotten your Login ID or password, simply follow the following steps:

Go to www.NoaFX.com
- On the top right corner of the page, mouse over to the "Forgot Password". Enter your registered email id in the pop-up box and click "Send".
- Check your email for the credential details that will be sent to your Email ID. The email address will be that you have specified when you had opened the account with us. This email address is the only email address we will communicate with.

However, if you do not have an access to the e-mail address anymore, please contact our support team via Live Chat or write to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you with an update on your email address.

What do I do if I forgot my NoaFX MT4 Account Id and Password?

You could contact our support team via Live Chat or you could write to us at [email protected] through the e-mail address you had used while opening an account with us.

What account types do you offer?

We offer trading accounts that allow you to trade micro, mini and standard lots. We also offer Shariah compliant Islamic trading accounts. There are also IB based accounts for affiliates and commissions generation.

What leverage can I have for my account?

On the basis of your account size, NoaFX offers leverage ranging from 1:1 to 1:500. Please be sure to close all open trades before raising any request to change the existing leverage.

Why do I have 2 sets of login details?

You will have 2 sets of login details for;

Your online NoaFX client area login

Here is where you will manage your profile, update your communication details. Fund/withdraw your account capital and raise support queries.

This login detail will have a username containing alphanumeric characters and a password that you specified during your account opening process

Your NoaFX MT4 Trading platform

Here is where you will trade the FX Spot market using the MetaTrader4 trading terminal.

This login detail will have a username containing only numbers and a password that NoaFX will have emailed to you after your account has been funded.

Corporate Structure

Are your company accounts segregated?

Yes, all clients deposits are individually held in a trust account with a law firm acting as an approving trustee, or in a company bank account which is segregated from the company's expense account. The company holds its own funds/investements/expenses from its own corporate account under its own authority in another account as well.

Why are my funds held in a trust account and does this mean that my account related transactions are subject to the approval of the trustee?

Trust facilities are only offered for clients with high net worth and large account sizes or it often comes with extra charges. NoaFX has setup this facility at absolutely no charge to you, to ensure your fund safety. Even if the broker has his funds in segregated accounts, it doesn't mean that your funds are safe from poor financial responsibility. We often see cases where financial firms misuse or make poor investment decisions with clients' funds. The purpose of appointing a trustee is to ensure that your funds are not being used for any other purposes apart from supporting your trade settlements. The only other acts allowed on your accounts are funding and withdrawals.

Can I be part of your ICAP auditing team?

Yes, during your account signup process, please indicate that you have an accounting experience/background. This will allow you to have a higher chance of selection during our random selection process.

Funding and Withdrawal

What kind of funding methods do you offer?

We offer a wide range of payment methods that enable our clients to make swift, easy and highly secure transactions.

You can fund your trading accounts using any one of the following options: Wire transfers, funding via Debit/Credit cards, e-Wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, Payza, China UnionPay and FasaPay.

What kind of withdrawal methods do you offer?

We offer hassle-free withdrawals to all our clients using bank wire transfers and e-Wallets. With e-Wallets however, come multiple options - Neteller, Skrill, Payza, China UnionPay and FasaPay- using which the withdrawals are not only quick but are completely secured.

Is there a minimum funding/withdrawal amount?

The minimum deposit size for payments made through credit cards and e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller,etc. is 10 USD.

The minimum withdrawal size through any payment method is 40 USD.

Can I send money from my bank account and then wire the money back to my account in another bank or country?

Yes, as long as the names on the bank accounts are yours and tally with your documentation proof that you had submitted during your account opening process.

Can I fund my account and then have all the account profits transferred to next-of-kin's account?

No, in line with Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies, we can only send money to an account that bears the same identity as the funder.

If I fund using GBP, can I have my account in GBP? What currency can I fund in?

This is a multi-currency account and hence you can deposit any currency. Whatever other currencies you deposit from, will be converted into its USD equivalent at a rate applicable by your banks at that point of time.

I want to have the trading account in my home currency, is that possible?

We are able to offer trading accounts based on the most popular currencies as requested by traders. However, if you have a special request, please send us a support request and we will work towards accommodating funding in your home currency.

What are the charges for funding my account?

NoaFX does not impose any charges for the funding of your trading account. However, all funding charges have to be borne by the client for the various funding options used. Specific instructions and charges will be advised to the client when ready to fund as charges may differ from time to time as applied by payment processor such as banks and credit card processors.

What are the charges for withdrawing funds from my account?

For all wire transfers, NoaFX charges a flat rate of USD 30. This will cover administration charges to process your transfer as well as to cover the outgoing costs for our bank wire transfer.

For Skrill however, we charge 1% of the total withdrawal amount as processing fee.

Also, your own bank may/may not charge for incoming wire transfers. You may want to check this with your bank first.

All other withdrawal charges are not applicable, unless otherwise stated.

I have already funded my account but it still doesn't show on my account balance. What should I do?

Most international wire transfers take 1-3 business days. However, there are exceptions where it has taken as long as 5 business days, due to the use of intermediary banks or delays due to holidays etc. Should you have funded your account more than 5 business days ago and if it still isn't showing in your account, please write to us and we will put a trace on your payment immediately.

Other funding methods should be immediate and usually are reflected within 1 business day.

I have already put in a withdrawal request. How long does it take before I receive my funds?

If you have not submitted your Proof of Identity and Proof of Residence documents earlier, we kindly request you to submit the documents before we could process your withdrawal request.

Most withdrawals are processed within the same business day. Depending on the time of the day your request came in, you can expect the funds transfer to be issued out within 1 business day. Most deposits to your account should complete within 1-3 business days.

Can I transfer funds between my MT4 accounts?

Yes, as long as the names on the accounts are the same.

Trading Tools

What is NoaFIX?

NoaFIX is a FIX API which gives a direct connection to the best liquidity pools for those traders who seek high speed trading and demand an uninterrupted access to the liquidity pools.

Which type of traders can benefit from NoaFIX?

Professional traders and scalpers who have experienced programming knowledge of C++, .Net, Java, HTTP, etc can benefit from this NoaFIX.

What are the benefits of using NoaFIX?

1. Direct feed connection with Tier I banks and LPs, thus reducing latency.
2. High-speed connectivity. (Speeds are within 5 milliseconds)
3. Direct exchange access
4. Access to over 71 different LPs

How can I get NoaFIX API connection?

In order to be eligible for a NoaFIX API connection, a trader should have a minimum deposit of USD 25000 USD in his/her MT4 account. Once you a have sufficient balance as deposit, please contact our support team via Live Chat or you could write to us at [email protected] through the e-mail address you had used while opening an account with us for activating the FIX API connection.

What is the Set up cost for FIX API connection?

The set up cost which is a one-time fee for activating FIX API is USD 500.

Are there any monthly charges after activating FIX API connection?

No, there are no monthly charges to be paid after activating FIX API connection. But if the client trades less than 500 lots, then he/she will be charged USD 500 every month.

I got an error while trying to login into my FIX API account. What should I do?

Try refreshing your page and check your internet connection. If the same problem persists then contact our support team via Live Chat or you could write to us at [email protected] with your registered email ID.

Can we place OCO (one-cancels-the-other) orders?

Yes, you can very well place OCO.

What is the order execution speed?

Since you are next to our Tier1 banks and LPs, your orders are cleared at a high-speed execution rate. (Less than 10 milliseconds)

Can we customise the API according to our needs?

Yes, you can definitely customise your API by coding it according to your needs.

Do you provide programming or coding scripts?

No, we don't. It is upto the traders to have their strategies programmed by themselves. We offer ONLY a FIX API connection.

Trading Environment

Do you offer dealing desk services?

No, we are a pure STP broker. We only clear your orders with our liquidity providers and get a commission from them based on the volume we clear. We strictly do not undertake risks by taking the other side of your orders.

Will my spreads widen?

We try to offer a very strict and competitive spread structure for all our clients. We often take the best spread feed and clear your orders to ensure that you always get the best fills. However, we cannot guarantee that spreads will never widen. This is because when market conditions get really volatile (during news times) or extremely illiquid (during seasonal holidays) trading conditions get inefficient and when most or all of liquidity providers widen their spreads, our aggregated feeds to you will also show likewise.

Please track our performance on our performance page. We are transparent in what we do and can assure you that what we (can) do is exactly we will tell you. No marketing gimmicks, no flak.

Will you requote my orders?

We are currently aspiring towards a "no requotes, guaranteed" standard. We aspire to clear 100% of all orders with no requotes. There are months that this has happened, but we cannot guarantee that there will be no reqoutes.

Please track our performance on our performance page. We are transparent in what we do and can assure you that what we (can) do is exactly we will tell you. No marketing gimmicks, no flak.

Will my orders suffer from slippage?

In a natural dealing environment, slippages are possible. However, every effort and measure is taken to ensure the slippage of your orders(if any) do not put your trades at an extreme disadvantage. For example, more than 97% of our orders do not suffer any slippage whatsoever and those that do, only suffer less than 1 pip of slippage.

Please track our performance on our performance page. We are transparent in what we do and can assure you that what we (can) do is exactly we will tell you. No marketing gimmicks, no flak.

How do I find out about the swap/rollover rates of positions I hold overnight? There are 2 ways to check this;

Within your MT4 trading platform;

1. Ensure that you have the market watch panel enabled
2. Within the panel, right click and select "Symbols" from the popup menu.
3. Within the "Symbols" window, select the currency pair you want to find out the swap rates for and left click on it.
4. Then left click on properties button on the right.
5. A new window will appear and within this you will find the various properties of the currency pair.
6. There are 2 rates you must look at;

Swap Long
Rate you will pay/receive if you are holding a long position overnight.

Swap Short
Rate you will pay/receive if you are holding a long position overnight.

On the website, please visit Swaps/Rollover rates page under the "Trade Tools" menu option. Alternatively,click here

What is the smallest order size you can clear?

We will clear a micro lot order, at 0.01 lot size or 1,000 lots. For gold and silver alone, he minimum lot size is 1 mini lot or 0.1 lot size or 10,000 units.

Since you are a ECN broker, do you charge any commissions?

There is no commissions that we charge on all our orders. We pass the operational costs to you from our liquidity providers to you as spreads. That is all you "pay" to us.

Why is that I see commissions being charged in my trading account?

You could be using the fund management services of a money manager or a trading system which imposes this additional charge on your trades. This is a separate charge and agreement between you and your money manager. NoaFX doesn't have any interests/benefits from these commissions.

Do you allow high frequency traders, scalpers?

Yes, you are free to trade using any trading style, there are no limitations. In fact, we welcome trading styles with high frequencies of clearance as they are very well suited to our order clearance mechanism.

User Compliance

What are the list of documents that are required to open an IB/Corporate IB account?

In order to be eligible to open an IB/Corporate IB account, a copy of the following documents are required for submission:

1) The company certificate/certificate of incorporation
2) Incumbency/shareholder's certificate showing the account opener's name
3) Account opener's photo ID
4) Company Address proof

What kind of documentation must I provide to verify my identity?

You must provide;

For individual/Joint/Shariah accounts

Photo ID, such as

1. Passport
2. Driving License
3. Voter's Card (must have photo)

Any one of the above will suffice.

Proof of Address, such as

1. Utility bill
2. Bank statement

Any one of the above will suffice but it must not be more than 3 months old.

For Corporate accounts;

Photo ID, such as

1. Passport
2. Driving License
3. Voter's Card (must have photo)

Company incorporation articles

1. The company incorporation articles must bear the name of the person whose photo ID has been given earlier.

Proof of Address, such as

1. Utility bill
2. Bank statement

Any one of the above will suffice but it must not be more than 3 months old and it must be in the company's name.

NoaFX reserves all rights to carry out further verification processes as deemed necessary and may also refuse account applications.

What should I do in order to change my email address on file?

You can get in touch with our Support team via Live Chat or send us a request at [email protected] asking for a change to the a new email address.

What is a POA? Where do I get one?

A POA is a Power Of Attorney. You only need this if you are allowing someone else trading rights over your account, such as a money / fund manager. If yes, your money / fund manager should be able to provide you with one automatically.

If you are going to be trading on this account by your own, you do not need a POA.

While the account is managed by a money manager(using POA), can the client(the account owner) request for withdrawals or closure of account? What is there are open positions?

The client can make withdrawals on the account anytime. However, each withdrawal request will also need to be approved by the money manager.. This is to protect their interests as some clients withdraw capital/profits without knowledge of the money manager and this may clash with their trading systems and/or interests. Therefore, such a check is necessary.

If there are open positions in the account, the withdrawal can still happen as long as the remaining balance(after the withdrawal) has more than 100% of the margin required to keep the positions open. This is to prevent margin call situations.