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NoaFX appreciates your business and thanks you for being part of our fast growing client base.

There is no other better way to thank you than to give you world class service anytime and everytime. We extend this service to every one of our clients, regardless of account size, trading behavior, or background.

We have committed a great deal of training, expertise, and effort to deliver customer service to you that is both effective and highly professional.

Here is what we can and are doing for you:

Live Chat - Interactive Customer Service

Our live chat officers are available to chat with you to answer your questions. They are available round the clock. This is the fastest way to get your questions answered.

Our officers will do their utmost best to answer your questions immediately. However, please note that certain types of requests will need security verification and may be escalated to e-mail channels instead.

E-Mail / Ticket Desk Support

We have deployed a highly scalable and productive ticket based e-mail support system that ensures:

  • Your e-mails are immediately acknowledged once received.
  • All tickets are stored in our central database and can be reviewed anytime using your e-mail address.
  • Your e-mail is streamed to a team of support staff waiting to address your challenge instead of being sent to one computer with one staff sequentially processing it.
  • All various support issues are archived in a central knowledge base, which can be used for quick reference and immediate solution of your request as your request may have been brought up by another client before.
  • All your helpdesk/e-mail requests are responded to in 30 minutes. This isn't an auto-responder response, but a staff member actually looking into your matter and replying immediately, or resolving it within the first response itself.

All other issues that require escalation will be resolved within 6 hours.

If you are a client of NoaFX, please login toyour client management area and send us a message through the ticketing helpdesk. This will help us trace your account and expedite your request with all your details readily available.

If you are not yet a client of NoaFX, please use this Contact Us Form , or write to us at [email protected]

True People, Real Solutions

All your e-mail responses will be addressed personally by a staff member with their name and designation. These people are not outsourced and provide real solutions.

We believe in personal-ized services. You deserve nothing less.