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NoaFX was a business built from the ground up, addressing a very sincere and genuine need in the market; to be a broker who can be trusted and relied upon for every trader.

In 2009, the fund management services were no longer offered for public subscription and were moved under a closed fund with a private company. This was to achieve more prudent fund management practices and have the products less commercialized by the various providers, such as banks, hedge funds, fund of funds, which were selling these products.

As of 2010, our monthly volume flow was approximately 8 billion USD (notional), for a collective AUM(Assets Under Management) of slightly under USD 200m.

The brokerage platform was built primarily and exclusively then, to only clear the own internal fund management flow. In 2011, the practice was moved under a private entity.

In 2013, the entire institutional platform, liquidity and clearance engine has been leveraged on, to provide for retail market flow, under NoaFX.

  • Until 2006 the founding fund managers and active traders of NoaFX were operating under their own individual operations, including a variety of private funds.
  • From 2006 until 2009, the founders of NoaFX started implementing collective structures.
  • In 2009 the NoaFX founders ceased offering to the public and started practicing under a single closed fund instead. Fund management services were no longer offered for public subscription, and were moved under a closed fund with a private company. This achieved more prudent fund management practices, and decreased commercialization by the various providers such as banks, hedge funds, and others who were selling these products.
  • In 2011 the operations for the parent company of NoaFX, Capital Market Investments Limited, were moved under a private entity.
  • In 2013 the infrastructure already in place was finally offered to retail market traders under the name NoaFX. The entire institutional platform, liquidity, and clearance engine was leveraged on to provide for retail market flow.

Timeline -

Various Fund Managers practicing under their individual operations
Collective structures were implemented under a fund
Ceased public offering and practiced under a closed fund.
Moved operations under a private entity.
Existing Infrastructure was offered to retail market traders under NoaFX.

To learn more about NoaFX, know our unique business model at our NoaFX Edge page.

Dwelling back the history of NoaFX

NoaFX was initially known as NoahFX, which according to biblical reference means "Bringing mankind to the promised land". But then it was criticised and discarded saying the message was misleading and it had religious references.

With all these feedback, we decided to change the name to NoaFX for two main reasons,

  • It had a very similar phonetic sound to NoaFX
  • Noa, in Maori, refers to blessing, or to become unrestricted and free, from the ordinary.

We felt, NoaFX was the apt projection of the brand in the context of FX Trading and implemented it since 2014 as our final brand.

NoaFX Logo

NoaFX Logo

After the name change, we remodelled the logo and launched it with the new site on 2014 and the primary colours chosen were White and Red. And, the colour combination complemented each other pretty well.

White symbolises purity, transparency and gives an easy and minimalistic feel to the eyes and this reinforces the transparency we maintain in our market prices, customer support, order execution, etc.

Red represents boldness, an element of risk and danger, but yet that personifies trading, which appeals to a special few.

In the newly designed NoaFX logo, you could see the character "N" is circled within the Logo, with a circle as shape and this shows completeness and satisfaction in whatever service we offer you. But no one is perfect and according to us, the search for completion and perfection is never ending and is yet to be pursued and this can be seen in our logo where we have intentionally placed slight gaps within the circle to signify lack.