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CFD Trading at NoaFX

NoaFX offers clients CFD trading opportunities as well as access to the Forex market. Our clients have the ability to trade a variety of CFD vehicles within the NoaFX MetaTrader4 platform, and these include indexes and spot metals.

CFD trading used to be a product for institutional trading but that is no longer true. Today CFDs can be traded on the retail market, offering traders of all sizes an alternative to trading shares that is very cost efficient and incredibly flexible. NoaFX clients can benefit from investment vehicle capital gains without having to actually take possession of a security or physical good.

CFD trading is similar to Forex trading, and investors have the ability to take short and long positions in order to profit from the market movements. This is true whether these market movements are rising or falling. Traders can use limit orders and stop losses in order to limit losses or claim gains more conveniently.

CFD trading involves margins instead of the full transaction value. This means that you only pay a percentage of the full value when you place a trade, and you take can advantage of the leverage to access a higher number of shares than if you buy or sell the actual underlying security.

NoaFX offers CFDs to allow our clients to engage in speculation which may be difficult or even impossible otherwise. Visit us today and find out just how easy CFD trading can be with NoaFX!