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The NoaFX Binary Options (EA)

NoaFX integrates Binary Options EA into its MT4 trading platform. This means, you can now trade Binary Options on MT4 using our brand new Expert Advisor (EA).

Some of the advanced features of the new and improvised Binary Options EA include:

  • Swiftness: Binary Option Expert Advisors (EA) is easy to use, quick on results and saves time.
  • Single platform: Binary Options is seamlessly integrated into a single trading platform which requires the installation of only the MT4 Platform and the EA.
  • Placing multiple orders: The updated version of Binary Options EA gives users options to place multiple trades at one go.
  • Order Type: Unlike the previous Binary Options platform, the updated Binary Options EA gives the users to choose between Market Order and Pending Order
  • Trade around the clock: Traders could trade Binaries by enabling EA at any time of the day.

Binary Options Expert Advisor (EA) for MetaTrader 4 has been updated and a new version is now available. All existing users can use the updated version of Binary Options EA. New users, on the other hand can follow the following steps to install the updated version of Binary Options EA for a new and wholesome trading experience.

Step 1:

Please make sure that you have a MT4 Trading platform installed in order to start using Binary Options.

To access the link to download the Binary Options EA setup file, please Sign up. The setup link will be sent to your registered email ID.

After downloading the setup file, a window as shown below appears. Click on NEXT to begin the installation.


Step 2:

A new window as shown below will appear. The installer is ready to install Binary Options Trader on your computer. Click NEXT to continue.


Step 3:

Click Next to begin installation. Click Back to review or change any of the installation settings.


Step 4:

It is recommended to close your NoaFX MT4 Trading Terminal prior to installation of Binary Options Trader. During installation, if you have not closed the MT4 Trading Platform, you will get an alert message as shown below.


Step 5:

Once the installation is successfully completed as shown below, click the Close button to exit.


Step 6:

Upon successful installation, the Binary Options Trader launches with its default parameters. If your MT4 is open, please close and reopen the application so that all features get updated on your screen.

Use the login details sent to you via e-mail for logging into your trading account.


Step 7:

Once the platform is installed, click on Auto Trading button, which is placed in the center of your toolbar.


Step 8:

Double click on Binary Options Trader. In the "Common" tab, select Allow DLL imports and Allow imports of external imports under Safety and then click OK.


Step 9:

Please wait until your data gets completely synchronized. The assets will be suffixed with bo.

For eg: In EURUSDbo, 'bo' means the asset is a binary option.


Step 10:

Upon double clicking the preferred asset, the binary option trading window opens.


Step 11:

Choose your preferred Asset, Option type, Investment & Expiry from the drop-down list. Depending on the type of Option you wish to trade with, you can place your trade by predicting whether the price of the selected asset will go UP/DOWN or whether it will be ODD/EVEN within the selected time period.