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Binary Options Installation for Android

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Binary Options setup guide for Android

Now trade Binary Options anywhere and at anytime, with our mobile trading application for Android users.

Step 1:

Download the Binary Options Trader for Android or search for FX LITE BO on PlayStore and launch it on your device. Now choose FX LITE BO from the search results.


Step 2:

img  Launch FX LITE BO in your device by selecting install.


Step 3:

img  You will see a small pop up screen appearing in front of you. Please click Accept. Now FX LITE BO gets installed in your device.


Step 4:

img  Upon opening the app, you are provided with a login screen. You can choose your desired server by clicking on the button with ellipsis.


Step 5:

img  Choose NoaFX-Live from the list of servers. If you want to choose a demo account, select NoaFX-Demo from the list of servers.


Step 6:

img  After selecting NoaFX-Live server, enter your login credentials from the e-mail sent to you.


After logging in, you get to see a list of instruments to trade with. Tap on any instrument to launch a trade. With the help of binary options, you can choose your options, expiration durations and investment amounts to carry out the trade. When your trade is on the winning side, the price along with the profit is shown in Green and when the trade is on the losing side, the price along with the loss is shown in Red. You are provided with History and Account tabs to view the history of all your trades and your account settings.

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  1. rahul Says:

    Dec 18,2015

    Nice page, help me a lot . Thank you so much.

    1. sammy Says:

      Jan 03,2017

      Thank you this is helping me in a big way

  2. wei yi Says:

    Dec 18,2015

    Thanks to this page,which made live easier.


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