NoaFX Widget Instructions

Step 1

Insert the following into the head section of your webpage

Step 2

Select from the dropdown box for the specific currency pair to display. Click preview to display.

Step 3

Copy and paste the above codes into the widget section to be displayed. The widget is 260px width. It should display nicely as shown below:

Placeholder text after widget.

Display Custom List of Currency Pair for advanced users only

<iframe src="NoaFX_widget.php" style="display:block;margin:0;padding:0;border:none;width:260px;min-height:360px;" scrolling="no" title="Get NoaFX live currency quotes" name="NoaFX_widget" onload="javascript:resizeIframe(this);"></iframe>

On the iframe src attribute, get this url NoaFX_widget.php and append with ?quotes= followed by the currency pair you like to display. You can specify multiple currency pair with a comma like this:


Next, get the full url and specify into the iframe src attribute. Get the full iframe codes and paste it in your website. Remember to also add the script tag (found in step 1 on top of this page) so that the widget will auto-adjust the height for best display results.