NoaFX Tutorial

4.4 Easy Guide to Line Studies Tools

  • Cursor Selector – To deselect all other controls and enable normal Cursor mode.
  • Crosshair tool – To pinpoint specific areas on the chart and to measure Pips, Period and Price.
  • Vertical Line drawer – To draw a vertical line on chart.
  • Horizontal Line drawer – To draw a horizontal line on chart.
  • TrendLine drawer – To draw a straightline at an angle (trendline).
  • Equidistant Channel drawer – To draw two straightlines of equal distance between each other to form a trend channel.
  • Fibonacci Retracement drawer – To draw Fibonacci retracement lines.
  • Text Writer – To write text information on chart.
  • Label Writer – To write text information within labels on chart.
  • Arrows Drawer – To add arrows, symbols and other visual markings on chart area.