NoaFX Tutorial

4.1 Introduction to MetaTrader4 (MT4) Trading Platform

The MetaTrader (MT4) Platform is one of the most popular Forex trading platforms readily available to the retail market.

In this section, we will cover some of the common tools available in the MetaTrader platform.

Common Windows

Market Watch Window

The Market Watch window gives live data price feed of all available securities.

Chart Window

The Chart Window displays visual illustration of the markets' price action. This window also provides the area for technical analysis and chart interpretation.

Terminal Window

The terminal window has many informational areas that provide real time details with regards to;

  • Open Positions – The Trade tab shows all open positions displaying unrealized profits and losses.
  • Closed Positions – In the Account History tab, past history of all trades taken will be shown.
  • Alerts – The Alerts tab allows setup of custom notifications based on price action.
  • Your incoming messages – This is your "e-mail" inbox for all notifications that the brokerage house may like you to read.
  • Expert Advisors – The Experts tab gives you real time updates on any operational Expert Advisors on your account.
  • Ongoing Status indicators – The Journal tab provides real time log report of all activities and error messages, if any, on your trading activities.